What we believe

Rimrock affirms the Evangelical Free Church of America's Statement of Faith as its own standard for faith and practice

The Gospel Message

Our Purpose

A Community Being Transformed By Jesus Christ
Experience God
Embrace Grace
Engage Others
Our first and foremost mission as a community is to experience God.  He is the originator of all of life.  Without him, there would be nothing.  Therefore to experience life, we must experience God.  It can come in endless ways through things like worship, studying this Word, through nature and other people.  A primary goal for all of us should be both seeking out ways to and developing a greater awareness of experiencing God in our daily lives.
One of the best ways to experience God is through embracing his grace.  His grace and mercy are foundational parts of his character.  They are seen continually throughout the entire Bible.  This means that for those of us that are seeking to experience more of God, we must be willing to embrace his grace.  We have to do this both for ourselves and for those around us. 
When we embrace God’s grace, it can and should naturally cause us to engage with others.  As a community that is being transformed by Jesus, one that understands how amazing our God is and what he can and will do for a person, we should be continually stepping into other people’s worlds.  We should be showing the people around us both the grace and the truths that we find in the Bible so that they too can experience God, embrace his grace and be transformed by him.
We strive to make mature disciples in an environment that reflects the following Core Values



Above all things, we value the unfathomable opportunity and experience of having a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. (Philippians 3:8-9)
We follow the Bible as our primary and final authority. (Psalm 119:160)


We focus on God's unconditional love towards ourselves and others by standing on God's forgiveness, acceptance, and power. We reject legalism and will not motivate by guilt, shame, or manipulation. (2 Timothy 2:1)



We strive to apply the unchanging truths of Scripture in ways that are effective in our changing culture and community. We are willing to part ways with our traditions in order to better fulfill the direct commands of scripture. (Mark 7:8)
We value each and every member of the congregation as an important part of God's complete Body. We strive to work together to exalt Christ as a balanced team, each serving according to their natural abilities and spiritual gifts. (Romans 12:4-5)