our vision as a church

Our vision for 507 main

To be a community being transformed by Jesus Christ.
To become an inviting place where Rimrock Church and
 Ministry partners demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to our community.

507 main and rimrock downtown

our story

God's gift through 507 main

Over three years ago it became apparent that we were outgrowing our Rimrock Downtown space and the need for a larger facility was pressing. With that realization, we began prayerfully searching, trusting that God would provide. During that time we spent 3 years considering 7 different locations when the owner of 507 Main came to us in December of 2022. The building was in a strategic location (the heart of downtown Rapid), mechanically sound, 23,000 sq ft, and priced at $34 per sq ft. It even came with a parking lot.
In short, God in his perfect timing brought 507 Main, a building six times the size of our previous location, at one third of the current market average.

Rimrockers came together

Rimrock members agreed, nearly unanimously, to move forward with 507 Main in January of 2023. With that step came $930,000 provided in cash and faith commitments that span from 2023 to 2025 for the 507 Main transformation. Not only that, but volunteers spent over 2200 hours of their personal time to aid in demolition.
Furthermore, Rimrock Designers and engineers spent countless volunteer hours developing our long-term transformation plan. It is truly amazing what God does through His church.

God is Prospering Rimrock Downtown ministry

Since the very first Sunday Service at 507 Main in September of 2023, ministry has flourished. The number of families and individuals joining Rimrock has grown continuously, our children’s classes and adult small groups are thriving, and we have been able to start a youth ministry. Because of this incredible growth, we are already pressing on the temporary Worship Center walls.
In addition, we have joined in on downtown community events and parades to invite even more to join us at 507 Main. Now this facility is being used for a meeting place by both Christian and community groups, and we have formed partnerships with like-minded Christ centered ministries. 507 Main has become Rimrock Downtown on Sundays and Rimrock Church all week long.

Phase One Transformation

Transformation continues to be one of our highest priorities for 507 Main. Phase one will include:
  • Finishing our worship center upstairs.
  • Provide children's ministry a great home with classrooms.
  • Small community meeting rooms.
  • Finishing our support platform for like-missioned ministry partners to join us.
Our cost estimate to complete phase one is $1,500,00.

What we need

  • Prayer: Nothing significant happens without God’s leadership and provision.
  • Volunteers: To date, thousands of dollars have been saved through volunteer construction, painting, cleaning and demolition. These wonderful teams have made 507 possible, and we humbly ask for the continued help of the body to enable moving forward with the construction phase.
  • Gifts in Kind: These are gifts in materials and trades. These gifts help save significant funds, as professional expertise is not cheap.
  • Cash and Faith Commitments: We need $570,000 in additional cash and faith commitments to help meet our Phase One financial goal.
  • To help us with planning, please complete your faith commitment card by may 30th

507 Main St. Faith Commitment

Please know that all financial commitments and contributions are kept
confidential to a few; understand your commitment is your current intent in following the Lord to help with 507 Mian.
I/We sense the Lord transforming Rimrock Church Downtown, a place in the heart of Rapid City, in order to further share His Good News within our community. I/We commit to join Him and other Rimrockers in this opportunity. Here are the ways I/we intend to help:

If you would like to give your initial gift online, please go to our giving page listed below. Email 507main@rimrockchurch.com with questions. Thank you for your support of the 507 Main Street Transformation!