Sunday Morning Schedule
Worship Services at 9:00 & 10:30am
 9:00 am Service Class Options
 -Full Children’s Ministry
-Frontline High School: in the A-Frame with Bob Cole 
-4:12 Middle School: in the Youth Center with Karen A.
Adult Small Group Options:
  • Every Parent Can Raise Extraordinary Kids. Parents learn to help their children be internally motivated instead of relying on parental prompters in four areas: Doing what’s right, Dealing with wrongs, Being honest, and Caring about others. Join other parents, learning about the biblical concept of the conscience and how to encourage its development. Led by Boomer Roland in room 109, beginning Sept. 8th.
  • Book of Job, a class where we dig into God’s word together, with discussion around the table. We meet in the Gathering Place. Led by Daren Beckloff and Sherman Westvig, beginning Sept. 8th.
  • Colossians, in the Library. This is a class for anyone who would like to dig deeper into a study and discuss the Book of Colossians. Led by Jim Aasgaard, beginning Sept. 8th.


 10:30am Service Class Options:
    -Full Children’s Ministry
    -Adult Small Group Options:
    •  Open Door, in room 202. This is a class for anyone who would like to study and discuss God’s word. Currently, we are going through the Book of Titus. Our next topic will be in the Book of Colossians.       Led by George Black, and Gene Ligtenberg.