Get Connected

When new to a church, people often ask, where do I begin? We have a few steps that you can take to learn more about the church, meet people, and see where God would have you plug in.


 We suggest you get started with:
 This 1 hour class is designed for you! We want to help you connect, meet new friends, staff and ask questions. We’ll also give you a a bite to eat and information on good places to start at Rimrock. Offered monthly at 10:30am on Sundays, email with questions.

Beyond the introductory discussions, we really want to encourage you to jump into our Small Group ministries. (Click here for more info) They are a great way to break down the large Rimrock family into venues where you can appreciate being a part of the Rimrock Family, enjoy the activity/group and be encouraged in your walk with the Lord. Here are some quick descriptions of our small groups:


242 Groups - Informal groups that meet, generally, monthly for get-togethers. It is a way to help you meet and enjoy other Rimrockers.

Wednesday Nights - (School Year). We have supper together and small group discussion; great for the entire family. We will gather together through May 1st. Dinner is  @ 5:30pm with groups and teaching for all ages, starting at 6:30 to 7:45 pm.

Connection Points - "a different kind of church", where each is designed for you to do what you enjoy with friends. We have racquetball, volleyball, hiking, mountain biking, 30 +/- group, prayer, to crocheting, to mention a few points.

Ministry Teams - These teams are groups of volunteers coming together with a common desire to serve others. Around Rimrock there is a huge array of teams to join based on:

  • Various groups that focus on ministry to babies, kids, youth, adult, women, men, urban and  world missions.

  • Groups that focus on various interests such as technology, communication, outreach, helping others, property, clerical.

  • Groups that focus on relationships such as hospitality, care, hospital, meals.

  • Music Groups - singing, play an instrument, audio/visual

    If something strikes your interest, please contact the office (605-342-5373) for volunteer opportunities. Email the office at Pastor Mike at  or Jeannie Short at  for more details.