Small Groups

Our Small Groups can help you develop relationships, better appreciate God’s unchanging Truth, and give you a chance to serve others with others. Remember we’re designed for relationships with Christ and others. Small groups can provide that opportunity. 


Connect through common interests and seasons of life.
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  • Ascension College Age (college age)
  • 30's more or less
  • Preschool Story Hour
  • Emptynesters (70+/-)
  • Men's Eternal Investments
  • Rimrock Riders (motorcycle group)
  • Men's Racquetball
  • Hikers



Opportunities to further discover God's truth with others. 


  • Empowering Your Abundant Life: God has empowered, identified and uniquely designed each us for His pleasure, His benefit and that we experience Christ’s abundant life. The group meets in the Fall, and Winter. Beginning Sept. 9th. Located in the Room 202, led by Donovan, Mike, and Lee.
  • It Starts At Home: Learn to confidently teach your kids about God. Sundays at 9AM (Room 109). Taught by Boomer & Angie Roland
  • Ladies Digging Into God's Truth: Thursdays at 9AM. Starts September 20th at The Exchange. Taught by Amy Smith & Nancy Ewing
  • Jonah Discussion: Tuesdays at 6:30 PM. Starts September 18th at The Exchange. Taught by Bob Barkley & Barry Wilkening



Experiencing life and Christ together.


  • Sermon Based Discussion (bringing application to the message):
    • Gathering Place: Sundays at 9AM. Taught by Sherman Westvig & Daren Beckloff.
    • Emptynesters: Sundays at 10:30AM. Taught by George Lightenberg & George Black.
    • Men's Group: Tuesdays at 6:30AM at The Exchange. Taught by Mike Hays.
  • Cole's Group: Sundays at 6PM at The Exchange. Taught by Bob Cole. 
  • Ladie's Group: Tuesdays at 6:30AM at The Exchange. Taught by Phyllis Sletten.
  • Marriage Discussion: Wednesdays at 6:30PM at the Main Campus.
  • Walking Galatians & Ephesians  Wednesdays at 6PM at St Martin Village. Taught by Lucille Dye.
  • Hermosa Group: Saturday Evenings. Taught by Al & Laura Sherwood.


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