The Kid's Ministry is made up of several parts: Nursery, Preschool and Grade School which function on both Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights.
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Rimrock aims to provide a safe environment for kids of all ages. You will find more information about the various areas of this ministry as well as information about the various times we meet below:


We want to come alongside parents to help nurture and grow your child's faith.

We have two nurseries:
  • a baby room for ages birth - 20 months
  • a toddler nursery for ages 21 months- 36 months.
At least one room is open during all Sunday morning and Wednesday night ministry.  Rooms used depend on the need for that service.


We strive to create a calming yet engaging environment for babies in our nursery area. Our volunteers have a desire to both care for infants and serve parents by allowing them the opportunity to participate in adult worship and classes.
Nursery Ministry Values & Practices:
  • Safety is our # 1 priority. From the check-in desk to the changing table, and all areas in between.
  • Cleanliness: diaper changing, making sure infants are free of spit-up and other messes. We thoroughly clean all areas where children have access to toys and snacks, bottles, or sippy cups.
  • Comfort: whether it's a teething baby or a Mom who needs a hug after a rough day. Our goal is an environment of peace.
  • Communication: we will strive to let you know of your child's performance in our care. Please feel free to let us know how our performance is as well.
Special Note to Nursing Mothers:
We have a private room, especially for nursing Moms; it has its own rocking chair and changing station. We also have a portable crib available in this room for babies to nap in as well. The room is located just inside the baby nursery entryway.




Teachable Moments: Through songs and guided play, our volunteers help toddlers learn valuable skills in a grace-filled atmosphere. Each week our lesson introduces little ones to God and his Son Jesus Christ. Together, we are learning that everyone is part of the story God is telling!


Toddler Room Values & Practices:
  • Teachable Moments: Our volunteers support the process of helping your toddler learn valuable skills in a grace-filled atmosphere. We use a curriculum to show our young ones how to be involved in worship that is on their level and how to begin to connect with the Bible and God.
  • Snack time: Crackers and cookies will be provided to children old enough to have them. We also provide sippy cups or bottles for water. If you would like your child to have something else to drink, please send it with your child.
    If your child has a food allergy, please make a special note on the sign-in sheet found on the counter in your child’s room. You may also provide a snack your child can enjoy.
  • Playtime: Toddlers learn through play and we provide opportunities for them to build friendships, learn appropriate interaction with others and life skills like sharing, helping, kindness, etc.


We talked a lot about our responsibilities, and we can not do what we do without your help. Here are a few important responsibilities we would ask you to consider:


When you place your child into our care, we take their security very seriously and work to partner with you to provide the best environment possible.

Parent Responsibilities:
  • Healthy kids: In order to ensure the health and safety of our babies and toddlers, we graciously ask that if your child is sick (i.e.: fever, runny nose, cough, vomiting, etc) please do not bring them to the nursery that service. We do our best to keep everyone healthy, and this would help a great deal. We understand there can be exceptions, specifically with teething. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Volunteer: If your child takes part in our nursery, we would ask that you volunteer. You have many different options: once a month, once a quarter, on special occasions (Date night, Wednesday nights, holidays or other functions), or even on the sub list, to fill in when a regular volunteer is unable to make it. We need you. Our Nursery Ministry is only as good as the Volunteers that help make it possible, and we would love for you to be part of our group that ministers God's love to the smallest members here at Rimrock Church. Any adults working with kids WILL HAVE A BACKGROUND CHECK
Background Checks:
Every volunteer in our ministry submits to a state and national background check. Each is interviewed carefully before joining a classroom ministry team.


Check-In Procedure:

check in

Every child needs a security nametag to be admitted into our classrooms. There are three check-in stations downstairs, just before the double doors leading to the preschool and grade school area. There is a single check-in station upstairs outside the nursery door.
If you are a first-time guest at Rimrock, please fill out a yellow card (found at the check-in area) and fill out a temporary name tag for your child(ren).
Anyone wanting to pick up a child from our classrooms must show the security tag with a matching number to the child’s tag. This process ensures that your child is dismissed with the people you authorize.


Paging Procedures:
If your child is hurt or cannot be calmed, we will page parents via the screens in the worship center. If you see your security code on the screen, please meet your child’s teacher in the area indicated on the screen (nursery, toddler, preschool or elementary).


Diapering Procedure:
Parents are welcome and encouraged to use our changing table. Please follow the posted instructions for cleaning the area to maintain a good environment for other families. If you need assistance, please ask the volunteer in the room.


Each weekend, kids ages  3 years to 5th grade, explore a new part of the Bible's ONE BIG STORY. What is that ONE story? God rescuing people through Jesus.
Using a wide variety of activities, kids will explore the Bible over three years and will encounter the good news of Jesus over and over. But the weekend is only the beginning! Each lesson includes questions, activities, and other tools for parents to continue the discussion throughout the week.
Several times each year, we encourage 1st graders to High Schoolers to join their families in adult worship.  These are Family Worship Sundays.  


View a fun way to help kids with the sermons: "Sermon Notes For Kids" article.




(Sept-April) All age groups will connect after dinner in a fun mixer or discussion starter activity. Then kids will be off to connect with friends, hear God's Word, and learn how to apply it in their lives. 


Jan 4-Feb 1 - Let It Out: Let It Out! is a series where kids will learn about five emotions: joy, fear, anger, disgust, and sadness from the book of Psalm.
Feb 8-Mar 22 - Who Am I?: Who Am I? is a series on the seven "I am" statements of Jesus. Kids will learn more about who Jesus is from the statements He made about Himself in the book of John.


 If you have not attended on Wednesday nights, please consider joining us this Spring.

 Nursery provided for the little ones.