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Rimrock emphasizes Family Ministry and wants to see your family grow. Click a link below to jump to a specific section of this page for more information:
Our desire and hope are to see your marriage and family grow in the love, grace, and power of the Lord. With that in mind, please take advantage of these resources:



Most of us agree that God commissioned parents to be the primary spiritual trainers in Deut. 6. Yet many parents find their weeks full of appointments, tasks, and duties. How can parents make intentional spiritual training a priority?

Family Time can help. Discover a fun, engaging, and lasting way to plant God’s Word in the hearts of your children. Then watch teachable moments sprout all week long. ​Family Time uses the "language of kids" to connect the truth of God's Word to tangible objects using activity. While kids are having fun being messy or active their hearts are wide open to receive wisdom and truth.

Small, intentional investments in spiritual development make a HUGE difference. Starting with only 15 minutes one time each week, parents can begin laying a foundation for spiritual conversations and good character. Family Time activities are object lessons and activities designed to open kids' hearts to seeds of faith. These fun, engaging encounters will soon become a highlight of your family's week.

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​​“I've personally shared this tool with hundreds of parents. Nationally, it has been shared with thousands of families. When Kara was young, we started doing Family Time and we've got some outstanding stories about how effective it can be. I'm excited to introduce Rapid City to this outstanding, simple, doable tool for faith shaping in the home.​“ ~ Boomer Roland, Children's Pastor at Rimrock



Commissioning Ceremony (formerly Baby Dedication).

For many, the idea that God has commissioned parents to pass faith to their children is a new concept. We see it all throughout the Bible (Deut 6; Eph 6; Ps 78).
We also see moments when parents publicly acknowledged their commission to the faith community (Josh 24:14-15; Luke 2:22-40).
 Rimrock provides several times throughout the year for parents who realize their commission to publicly acknowledge that and ask for the church family's partnership. We recognize that this realization may come later in a child's life, so these "Commissioning Ceremonies" are open to any parent, not just those with infants. Watch for details or contact the office to participate.

Upcoming Commissioning Ceremony:  

Main Campus:  
March 20, 2022

Downtown Campus:  

Will be announced when available.



Family Worship
We see value in helping kids engage with the larger church family, including "adult" worship. Parents have an incredible impact when modeling worship for their kids. That's why we intentionally choose several special weekends for parents and kids (elementary-high school) to worship together. We want these weekends to be a blessing, not a burden, so we provide some extra resources and suggestions/instructions so parents can prepare their kids to fully engage during the service.
For the months of July and August 2021, we will have our 9:00 am service be Family Worship time.  This begins July 4th and goes through August 29th. The following link will give you some guidance to help you prepare your kids, elementary through high school for this time of family worship. Please click on this link:  Family Worship Tips
 Upcoming Dates for Family Worship:


Nursery/Early Childhood Volunteer
We realize how very valuable your son or daughter can be by their involvement in the Nursery/Early Childhood classes.  For those in grades 4th and up, we offer the Nursery/Preschool Program. Here is an opportunity for your child to serve during the church hour by helping take care of our youngest. Training time is offered and must be completed by your child in order to participate.


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