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Rimrock Kids Ministry has two highest priorities. While we do other things in ministry, these are the two that come first. Other tasks will support and not interfere with these two purposes:

 First, we want to EQUIP PARENTS TO LEAD THEIR CHILDREN TO KNOW, LOVE AND FOLLOW JESUS. God has commissioned parents to pass their faith to the next generation (Deut 6Eph 6Ps 78) and parents need help to succeed. So we work hard to provide training, tools, and encouragement so you can succeed in that commission.

  • Second, we want to PROVIDE A SAFETY NET SO EVERY CHILD HEARS THE GOSPEL. We know that not every parent will or can (yet) lead their child spiritually. That's why we make our second priority to clearly present the Gospel to every child. Kids in our ministry will experience Jesus' grace and love through the people dedicated to serving in kids.
Please take advantage of the training, resources, and environments we provide that will help YOU  accomplish your commission.


Vacation Bible School 2022

Attention Kids: Get on a roll with God for one of the summer's biggest parties. Our Vacation Bible School (VBS) invites children to pray as Jesus teaches us in Matthew 6:11, "Give us this day our daily bread." These words serve as a reminder that everything we have comes from God.  
VBS is for kids ages 3 years to 5th grade and is coming, June 6-9 from 9 am-noon at our Main Campus. Mark your calendar and plan to have your kids come with a friend. 
Please register below:
Vacation Bible School Kid Registration Form: Click Here
Vacation Bible School Volunteer Registration: CLICK HERE (print and return)



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