What should I wear?
We hope you feel comfortable with your visit to Rimrock so we encourage you to wear comfortable yet modest clothing or you can dress up if you wish. You may notice people wearing anything from t-shirts and jeans to suits or dresses.

What should I do with my kids?
Rimrock has great programs for babies, young children, and youth. The nursery is located to the left after you enter the building across from the "Gathering Place." We have a well-baby policy in our nursery. The children's wing is located downstairs. Ask anyone for directions and we are sure they would be pleased to help direct you to the children's wing as well as help you find your child's classroom based on their age or grade.

We have a check-in system for your child's protection: You type in your last name and then enter your child's name. They will receive a nametag. If your children are kindergarten and under, you will receive a receipt that you must present to pick your kids up. This is for their safety.

Where should I park?
We have many parking areas but some are easier to find than others. We have parking available directly in front of the building as well as parking on the right side of the building and also behind the building. If it is very busy, we have space back in the meadow that serves as extra parking. If you enter the drive on the right of the building and continue straight past the large shed, there is space available there. If you enter the main road to the left of the building and go past the first parking lot behind the building, there is a turn on the right that takes you to the side meadow lot. Additional space available in the meadow if needed. Stairs are available within a short walk.

What is the service format?
All services have the same format which combines contemporary worship with solid Biblical teaching. Music is led by a worship team. They play contemporary music, hymns, and some awesome versions of classic hymns you might have known for years. Prepare to have fun because our worship is very lively!
Sunday school classes are available at 9:00 and 10:30 am where solid biblical teaching takes place in a smaller group setting.

Our Downtown service is more contemporary with solid biblical teaching from the preaching staff.
What should I bring?
Bring yourself. If you have a Bible, bring that too. Make sure you are ready to have fun and hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

When should I arrive?
We have THREE worship services. Two on Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30 am. Our Downtown Campus has service at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings.

Greeters will welcome you at the doors. The sanctuary is located to the right if you enter through the main doors, and straight ahead up the stairs if you enter through the basement.

What can I expect on my visit?
You can expect to be greeted by our warm, friendly, and loving greeters, pastors, and other attendees. In the main upstairs foyer, the Welcome Center is located right in the middle to give you more information if you so desire it. During service, we will welcome guests, give announcements, join in worship, and hear the good news!

Will I be asked to give money?
No, you will not be asked to give any money. However, an offering basket will be passed around at the beginning of service and you are welcome to drop in any sign-up forms, visitor information, and if you so desire, any donation you want... but only if you want.

If I visit, will I be singled out?
At the beginning of the service, the person giving the announcements will give a general welcome to guests. That is about it.

Do you have any handicap-accessible entrances available?
Yes. We have two areas. There is a ramp at the main entrance of the building as well as an elevator available right inside the door of the main entrance downstairs.