Get Connected

When new to a church, people often ask, where do I begin? We have a few steps that you can take to learn more about the church, meet people, and see where God would have you plug in.

 We suggest you get started with:

 This 1 hour class is designed for you! We want to help you connect, meet new friends, staff and ask questions. We’ll also give you a a bite to eat and information on good places to start at Rimrock. Offered monthly at 10:30am on Sundays, email with questions.

Beyond the introductory discussions, we really want to encourage you to jump into our Small Group ministries. They are a great way to break down the large Rimrock family into venues where you can appreciate being a part of the Rimrock Family, enjoy the activity/group and be encouraged in your walk with the Lord. Here are some quick descriptions of our small groups:

242 Groups - Informal groups that meet, generally, monthly for get-togethers. It is a way to help you meet and enjoy other Rimrockers.

Wednesday Nights - (School Year). We have supper together and small group discussion; great for the entire family. We will resume meeting in the Fall, September 12th @ 5:30pm.

Connection Points - "a different kind of church", where each is designed for you to do what you enjoy with friends. We have racquetball, volleyball, hiking, mountain biking, 30 +/- group, prayer, to crocheting, to mention a few points.

Ministry Teams - coming together with a common desire to serve others. Around Rimrock there is a huge array of teams to join based on:

  • Audience - babies, kids, youth, adult, women, men, urban and  world missions.

  • Interest - technology, communication, outreach, helping others, property, clerical.

  • Relational - hospitality, care, hospital, meals.

  • Music - singing, play an instrument, audio/visual

    If something strikes your interest, please contact the appropriate staff member.

    Please know we are here to help you enjoy and connect with our church family. Just send an email to Pastor Mike @ or Jeannie Short at for more details.