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What is Rimrock Downtown?
Rimrock is seeking to further our reach in the community. We hope that by providing a downtown venue more people will get a chance to hear our message. We hope to provide an opportunity and time where people can come and join in a discussion about the important things of life, primarily God. As we further develop this experience, things may change. We may create a different atmosphere that people might enjoy more, create question and answer sessions to answer all of the important questions you might have, change the way worship happens, include testimonies, and so much more. Join us as we begin this awesome journey!

God is expanding Rimrock's vision to intentionally taking His Grace-Filled message downtown to various locations. Our heart is to "live out Christ in us" and we simply wish to do so in our community. Our Downtown ministry includes many various aspects and you can learn more about them by clicking the links on the side.

At Rimrock Church, we view ourselves as a training center for ministers. We believe that all Christians are called to be ministers...not in the occupational sense, but in the meaning that we are to live out the Gospel of Jesus in our daily lives.

Rimrock Downtown provides support and resources for Rimrockers who feel called to a ministry downtown (outside the walls of Rimrock Church). If you would like to join other Rimrockers outside the walls of Rimrock Church who are making a difference within the community for Christ we would love to connect you!