Fall Fill Up

 Here are some details about the Rimrock and Love INC Partnership :
 “Joining Love Inc in God’s Ministry Downtown”
Over the years, God’s fruit through Love INC has been incredible as hundreds of families have been touched through the Spirit with many coming to faith in Christ, family legacies being changed, and some now involved in helping/leading at Love INC 
We so appreciate the hope their core values bring daily to our neighbors in need.
 YOU … are loved   … belong … have choices ... have something to offer...
 Words we all need to hear everyday.  Great that we can share in this opportunity.


How Can Rimrockers help:
-Praying with Love INC as they walk alongside people with God’s Grace and Provision.
-With their New Building  through raising funds to help with the remodel.
-Being involved in the remodel; work days are be being planned in 2019.
-Within their Furniture Ministry through donating used furniture; helping refurbish furniture; building bunk beds; and distributing furniture.
-At Life INC Campuses. There are may options to serve whether that be through childcare, food, transportation, financial mentoring, bringing household items, etc.


This year we have many different ways to display God’s generosity. We are primarily raising funds in 2018 and jumping into ministry early 2019.  Jump in where the Lord has equipped you and where the Spirit leads. 
More details at the Fall Fill-Up display in the Welcome Center area.  Questions call/text Gene Ligtenberg at 605-863-0090


Fall Fill Up is a great chance for Rimrock families to get involved as we Join Love INC in God’s Ministry Downtown.