Experiencing Christ & Life Together!

 Throughout the week a variety of Life Groups (women, men, and open) meet to discuss the Bible in a safe, relaxed setting; generally close friendships are developed.  Key attributes includes openness, interactive study, a desire for growth, and consistency in a safe setting. Discussion topics are chosen by the group to meet their interests/needs.  

These groups are designed to provide a spiritual extended family where we enjoy, encourage, help, and challenge each other while studying God’s Word in a safe and loving environment.  All with the intent of developing significant Christ-like relationships as we experience life together.


To get involved:

  • Join an existing group
  • Start a new group. It can be organized via neighborhoods, gender, or anyone wanting to study God's Word.
  • Contact Pastor Mike Hays (mike@rimrockchurch.com)


For more information on what is provided, check out the links on the side such as Connecting Points, Community Groups, and the other various ministries we have listed.