Most of us agree that God commissioned parents to be the primary spiritual trainers in Deut. 6. Yet many parents find their weeks full of appointments, tasks and duties. How can parents make intentional spiritual training a priority?

Family Time can help. Discover a fun, engaging, and lasting way to plant God’s Word in the hearts of your children. Then watch teachable moments sprout all week long. ​Family Time uses the "language of kids" to connect the truth of God's Word to tangible objects using activity. While kids are having fun being messy or active their hearts are wide open to receive wisdom and truth.

Small, intentional investments in spiritual development make a HUGE difference. Starting with only 15 minutes one time each week, parents can begin laying a foundation for spiritual conversations and good character. Family Time activities are object lessons and activities designed to open kids' hearts to seeds of faith. These fun, engaging encounters will soon become a highlight of your family's week.
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​​“I've personally shared this tool with hundreds of parents. Nationally, it has been shared with thousands of families. When Kara was young, we started doing Family Time and we've got some outstanding stories about how effective it can be. I'm excited to introduce Rapid City to this outstanding, simple, doable tool for faith shaping in the home.​“ ~ Boomer Roland, Children's Pastor at Rimrock