About Downtown


what we are

Rimrock Downtown is a 2nd campus of Rimrock Church. In 2012, God brought together a group of hearts who shared a passion to bring the message of God's grace & truth to those in downtown Rapid City. 

We're an intimate collection of believers, unified by the spirit, seeking to learn more about God, worship Him, and serve others. The teaching tends to be a deeper study of the Bible; the worship is modern and intimate; the community is fun and engaging.

We're a second campus that does things in a slightly different way. 



We meet Saturday nights at 5:30pm downtown at 514 St Joseph St.


downtown staff


Evan has been a part of Rimrock Downtown from the beginning. Back in 2012, when it was a 3rd service, he was brought on as a guest teacher. Over the years, his desire and passion for the community has grown. In the spring of 2017, he felt God calling him to dedicate more of his time and energy to RD. As the community began to grow and develop into a 2nd campus, he was asked to dedicate even more his time and become the official Pastor. His is humbled to have a role in God bringing his goodness to this world and is excited to watch a talented group of followers of Jesus walk out God's plan for Downtown. 


Karie and her husband Josh were also part of the team that started Rimrock Downtown. They both played an active role in the development of the downtown campus and have been leading worship since day 1.  Karie's roles involve administrative support & over-site to our Downtown ministries & building use. She has 2 daughters and is also a part-time RN at Regional Hospital. 


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