21 Days of Intention


What a person chooses to do determines much of what they experience. God has given us the ability to live lives full of love, joy, peace, contentment and purpose.  It is our choice whether we experience this kind of life.  By intentionally choosing to love God with every piece of who we are and to love others in the same way we love ourselves, we begin to do what we were created to do.  As we live out God’s design, we experience more of the one who is the source of all that is good.
By committing to a time of intentionally making God your priority, we can move out of the ordinary and experience more of the abundant life that Jesus promised to give us.


We set aside this time of intention because

  • We want to know and love God more
  • We want to love others better
  • We want to break out of our normalcy
  • We want fresh direction
  • We want the people in our worlds to experience more of God’s goodness
  • We want, quite simply, to see the will of God done on earth as it is in heaven



  • Commit to set aside 21 days to God
  • Pray about how to specifically seek God and love others during this time and then commit to doing it
  • Keep a journal and write down what you experience and hear
  • Participate in one of our weekly times of serving others





Do not hesitate reaching out to a pastor if you have questions or need someone to talk to.